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Howie Feltem's Profile

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Ted-Detroit on January 21, 2017:   If you find yourself stretched out on a bed with a naked man who is so beautiful that you can't decide whether you want to look first at his cock or his abs or his ass or into his eyes, and he is so charming that you think, "Oh what the fuck, maybe it would be fun to just put our clothes back on and talk"; if all that happens, WHERE are you? You are in Private with Howie Feltem: the one and only Howie Feltem. Howie is gorgeous, bright, kind, and very generous with his sexuality, so you will enjoy every minute of your time there. You'll be wanting to rate him 6 stars, not 5, and you'll wish you had twice as much money as you actually do to spend on him. So have an amazing experience but, please, don't stay too long. I may be waiting to get back in.

MacChase on January 21, 2017:   A hot sexy handsome man who is a pleasure to talk to. Looking forward to my next show with him

Mountainman1951 on January 18, 2017:   Howie is the cream of the crop. Fun to talk to, hot to look at, sexy in private and makes you feel good all over. I am leary of most of these straight dudes on this site as they are mostly teases, but Howie is the real deal and worthy of your credits.

toetwister on January 13, 2017:   I'm so glad to see Howie is developing a good, loyal following on here--not that it's even a little bit surprising. There are other handsome guys here (none more than he is though) and there are other sweethearts (none sweeter than he is though) and there are plenty who can get down and dirty (but not more down and dirty than Howie). The number of guys I've met in many years visiting here who have ALL those talents can be counted on my hands with fingers left over. I had round 2 with Howie just now and he does NOT QUIT no matter what. And he's so seductive and friendly and kind he even talked me into doing it cam2cam, which I NEVER do. I had a wonderful time, as I knew I would, and we definitely took the wonderful experiences from our first round to a new level. Howie already knew of course, from playing before, exactly what to do to get me going, and he did it. The time is not far off, and in fact I think it's already starting, when chatting with Howie in public is a constant stream of interruptions from others taking him private. This is, of course, a GOOD THING so I'm not complaining, just letting you know to get to know him before he's too big a star! All my fantasies have come to life in this man, and I bet all yours have too. So why not treat yourself? You deserve it, and Howie sure as hell does!

Dumont29 on January 12, 2017:   Howie Feltem is tall, sexy and natural. He is willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy you in a show. Five Stars.

monstermash571 on January 12, 2017:   truely enjoyed hangin out with u budd. easy to chat with seemed reak n genuine..

scott98122 on January 11, 2017:   Such a tall, dark, and sexy man! Bad boy tattoos and goatee complete the hot look! Very friendly and great moderator of chat! Gotta support local models! Howie could easily become my favorite model! Best of luck to you, Howie!

docdrewskie on January 11, 2017:   Excellent model, great body, very sexy show, did everything I asked for, great cum shot, and really fun to talk to. I will definitely do another show with him in the future.

temptation00 on January 9, 2017:   I have to admit Howie has become one of my favorite models on this site. He is genuine and gives you want you want. He is just absolutely perfect.

toetwister on January 8, 2017:   All the other reviewers have hit on the essentials, especially how genuine, honest, and up front Howie is. What you see is what you get--and believe me, what you see is sex in a bottle. Only once you get him private, the genie comes out of the bottle and it overflows with even more sexiness. Whatever you want, he wants; whatever you need from him, he'll give you 10x over. Howie is your fantasy all-American stud come to life, especially if you like hairy bodies and sexy feet, only Howie is, if anything, even sexier than your fantasies. At the same time, he is as sweet and generous and friendly as anybody could be. He's nice and verbal, which matters to me a lot, and he's gorgeous, and he loves to explore your dirtiest kinks with you. You'll be charmed with Howie in the first 2 minutes you're in his public chatroom. You'll be hopelessly addicted once you're spent time in private with him. Absolutely without equal.

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